Smart Fuel Control

Are you still estimating the fuel use per vehicle on your farm?

There is a smarter way

Typical Fuel Control

A central diesel tank is there for all to use without accurate recording

Poor tank level management

Poor allocation of usage per activity

Smarter Fuel Control

A swipe card in each vehicle provides access to the bowser

Accurate tank level management

Detailed recording of usage per activity

Remote Access To Control and/or Monitor:

Diesel Pump

The diesel pump will be controlled by the system and where possible interlocked with the tank level

Private Vehicle Usage

Proof of usage can be provided for private vehicle usage to satisfy tax office audits

Supplier Link

An email message can be sent to the fuel supplier once a low level in the tank has been reached

Detailed Usage

With each vehicle provided with a swipe card it is possible to allocate certain activities to each card and create usage per activity

Tank Level

The tank level can be calculated based on the initial full fill and subsequent drawdowns or via a level sensor

Solar Supply

For gravity fed bowsers without nearby power supply, the system can operate on battery power supplemented by a solar panel

Need Control of more than just Fuel?

Your Smarter Agri Control System can expand to control other Agricultural infrastructure, including:

Irrigation Control

State of the art irrigation controllers with mobile phone access and central control function

Overhead Irrigation

Rain on demand with a system that allows full vehicle access and fits any size block of land

Aeration Management

State of the art aeration control that manages your grain in storage using ambient air cooling & drying

About Smarter Fuel Control

Diesel fuel is a major cost to farmers but where is it all used?

Until now the accurate allocation of fuel costs to a variety of trucks, farm machinery and cars was almost impossible.

This also made it difficult to allocate fuel use by activity (seeding, harvesting etc).

The Smart Fuel controller uses a swipe card in each vehicle to accurately collect usage data that can then be used to allocate to activities.

In addition, the tank level can be monitored and SMS messages provided on low fuel level

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