Smart Farm Control

Rely on more than one control system to manage your Farm?

There is a smarter way

Aeration Control

State of the art aeration control that manages your grain in storage using ambient air cooling & drying

Fuel Management

Allocate fuel to each activity on your farm using a swipe card in each vehicle

Irrigation Control

State of the art irrigation controllers with mobile phone access and central control function

Overhead Irrigation

Rain on demand with a system that allows full vehicle access and fits any size block of land

Remote Access To Control and/or Monitor:

One Control System

Multiple applications all combined in the one easy to use package with mobile device access

Simplified Control Panels

Dedicated control panels that make the most out of smart communication between hardware

Manage Multiple Equipment

Multiple pieces of farm hardware sharing data and allowing interdependence between activities

Smarted Data Access

Allows farm personnel to have access to relevant data by using smart phones and tablets

Cloud Server Access

Using a secure data server, historical data can be stored and reports generated on various recordable values

Efficient Maintenance

SMS messaging and emails allows for targeted maintenance and shorter repair times

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